Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ice Sanghai


     2 tablespoons cantaloupe
     2 tablespoons gelatin pudding
     2 tablespoons ripe papaya
     2 tablespoons coconut
     2 tablespoons pineapple
     2 tablespoons fro
     4 cups crushed ice
     8 tablespoons condensed milk
     Color syrup to taste

How to make

     All fruits except pineapple and fro, and the rake face value.
     Sliced ​​pineapple into small boxes and fro, sliced ​​and then boiled.
     Put all ingredients in a bowl and then filled with all the ingredients, then pour the syrup and shaved ice.
     Pour the sweetened condensed milk topped with syrup and give color.

Green Ice Tape


5 tablespoons fermented glutinous green
     1 young coconut fruit, take the meat
     50 g pomegranate seeds
     syrup Rozen
     Sweetened condensed milk
     shaved ice

How to make

     Pomegranate seeds Boil until cooked, remove and flush with cold water.
     Place the fermented glutinous rice, young coconut, and pomegranate seeds in a glass.
     Give crushed ice, pour the condensed milk and syrup.

For: 5 Bowl.

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